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Patrick Stoliker

Patrick C. Stoliker is Deputy Director of NASA's Armstrong Flight Research Center, Edwards, CA. He assists the Center director in the management of the NASA field center, focusing on strategy, business processes, and institutional management.

Prior to his present assignment, Stoliker briefly served as Acting Associate Director for Operations at NASA Dryden (now Armstrong), responsible for coordinating the efforts of the Flight Operations, Test Systems, Research and Engineering Directorates in the conduct of flight research and flight testing of new and unique aircraft.

Stoliker has held several increasingly responsible management roles at NASA, including Deputy Associate Director for Operations, five years as Director for Research and Engineering and Assistant Director for Programs and Projects.

He also served as Associate Director of Research Engineering, project manager of the implementation team for the Integrated Financial Management System, and six years as chief of the Controls and Dynamics Branch.

Earlier, Stoliker was chief engineer for the Digital Flight Control System upgrade for F-16XL aircraft #1 and was principal investigator for flight testing the JAS 39 control stick in an F-18 research aircraft. While detailed to NASA Headquarters, Stoliker worked in the Crew Exploration Vehicle project office during formulation of the request for proposals and award of the development contract. He has participated in all aspects of the airworthiness process, including serving as chair of the X-43 Vehicle 1 and X-38 Vehicle 132 flight readiness reviews.

Stoliker first came to NASA in April of 1992 as a senior aerospace engineer for PRC, Inc., and became a civil servant in 1994. Assigned to the X-31A Enhanced Fighter Maneuverability project, he worked as a lead flight controls engineer during the project's high angle-of-attack envelope expansion, the close-in-combat evaluations, and the quasi-tailless experiment. Before coming to NASA, Stoliker was employed for 10 years by Northrop Corp. He was the lead flight controls engineer and a principal in flight testing of the Tri-Service Stand-off Attack Missile. He also managed the guidance, navigation, and control organization at Northrop's Newbury Park, CA, site.

Stoliker is the author of several technical papers. He received the NASA Exceptional Service Medal for his contributions to flight control system development in 1999, and was the recipient of the NASA Outstanding Leadership Medal in 2009.

Stoliker earned a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, in 1978 and a Master of Science in Aeronautics and Astronautics from Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA, in 1979.

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