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Khai M Pham, MD, PhD

Founder & CEO
San Diego
A multi-cultural (Asia-Europe-US) and multi-disciplinary (Medicine and Artificial Intelligence) entrepreneur in the Silicon Valley for 15 years, Dr. Khai Minh Pham is a serial entrepreneur and technology innovator.

Khai Minh was a pioneer in Big Data. In 1995, he founded DataMind, a leading data mining company using an Agent Technology coming from his research in Artificial Intelligence (AI). It was used by major financial institutions, marketing centers, and medical manufacturers. Oracle and Infor acquired the technology to integrate it into their solutions. In 2012, Bank of America acquired the technology US patent. Later renamed RightPoint, the company acquisition value is one of the highest for an AI-based company, it was acquired in 2000 by E.piphany for US$400 Millions.

He was the Founder & CEO of Easyplanet Corp. The company provided a breakthrough all-in-one browsing environment (Community-Based Browser) helping companies to maintain their relationship with their valuable customers by offering them a permanent connection with their main interests or passions.

Khai Minh holds an M.D. and a Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence both from Pierre and Marie Curie University in Paris. He is the author of several scientific papers and has received international grants in particular, from DEC research labs for his research work in AI. He was teaching Artificial Intelligence at LISH-CNRS (National Sciences Research Center, equivalent of the National Science Foundation in France). He received an entrepreneur award from BP bank. He was on the committee of Silicon French (an entrepreneur network in the Silicon Valley) and speaker at DBF.

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