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Kyle Strickland

Greater San Diego Area
Talk to me about my SelfieTee!

I am a local entrepreneur in the mobile tech industry. My most recent company is called SelfieTee, a mobile app that allows you to create a custom tee with your face on it (or a friends, or whatever you want) for just $16 flat shipped to your door. I have been doing a soft launch over the last few weeks, gearing up for a national press release and marketing launch. I'm going to be attending SDSW to learn more about scaling and effectively capturing good press. I am also going to be wearing my SelfieTee all over the convention, hoping to generate some local interest and find ways to promote and work locally to generate more success overall for my business.

I also work for another local tech consulting company called Digital Nexus, which is led by Robert Strickland, a seasoned IT expert who has held CTO and CIO positions at several Fortune 500 companies (he's my dad).
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