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Judit Bartalis

Corvia Biotechnology
Senior Scientist, Analytical Chemistry, PhD
Results-driven senior scientist and group leader in analytical chemistry, with 10+ years of experience in developing cutting-edge analytical solutions for synthetic biology, biofuels, nutritional supplements and high value chemicals, organic free radical, and natural products. Experience with biotech, large industry, and research institute. Critical thinker, self-motivated, flexible and adaptable to changing priorities and resources. A high-energy professional who represents the analytical science input in collaboration with metabolic engineers, downstream processing and fermentation teams, large scale algae farm, customers, and service labs, with the “customer is always right” in mind.

Specialties: R&D, product development, metabolomics, lipidomics, microorganisms and microalgae research, fermentation products, VOC, degradation products, chemometrics, JMP, fluxomics, free radical research, separation sciences (HPLC, LC-MS/MS, MALDI-TOF MS, Q-TOF LC/MS, GC/MS, SPME and HS-GC/MS, TOGA GC, MicroGC), qualitative and quantitative analysis, method development, validation, and transfer, natural products biochemistry and QSAR, mid-IR DRIFT FTIR, TOC/TN, high throughput sample preparation and analysis, training of junior staff.

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