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Chad Trytten

San Diego
During an undergraduate and research career at UBC, he was advocate, inventor, and developer of distributed systems made from composite applications and devices. The core of a two year research project - now with over a decade of experience in the sector - focused on new ways to resolve the fundamental problem of integrating highly mixed heterogeneous hardware and software components into cohesive functional systems. Securely.

Chad has a degree in Cognitive Systems, Computational Intelligence from UBC with a Computer Science and Neuroscience focus. In 2006, Chad founded Spark Integration Technologies, Inc. (Spark) - a software company that provides software routers for network overlay management, used by several very large organizations. He was a finalist for 30 under 30 in Canada in 2011 after winning a Foreign Comparative Test from OSD (DoD) that concluded there was no similar technology currently available.

His current focus continues to be connecting disparate communications networks with a revolutionary software defined multi-protocol data+network router overlay. Chad's current company, Koriist, has a software product named Stitch that runs on top of the world’s networks - rather than rip out and replace them - ensuring those who need remote connectivity can securely access information, regardless of underlying infrastructure.

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